Thursday, August 9, 2018

Day 4 Up Into the Mountains

Up at 6 AM and the sun is up.  Carol is up and going for a walk down to the lake here at Fort Sumner Lake.  Kraig is still sleep as the cat.

We got about 240 miles today then some boone docking with Mark.

We’ve been asked what has been our route.  Well, how about the cities and you place us on the map.  Let’s see, Bridgeport Tx, Haskell Tx, Littlefield Tx, Sumner NM and today will be Santa Fe NM then in the Carson Forest near Cebolla, NM.  I will see how this camper’s solar power (300 watts) and two house batteries are.

We had some trouble finding the dump station but finally did more into the park.

We are under way by 8 AM and we see some results up a bored person near the park.DSC_0001DSC_0002

Then on to the highway….DSC_0004

Yes, someone actually painted the bridge pink.DSC_0005DSC_0007

Nope.  Not this Las Vegas in NM for us.DSC_0009

Open road….DSC_0010

Then you always have signs to read.DSC_0011 

In Santa Fe, NM we got gas.  It was $2.59 and about 7.4 mpg. 

Starting to get a bit greener and some small hills.DSC_0013

Good old red rock formationsDSC_0014

We are up about 7700 feet in the woods  overlooking the city of Cebolla down below.DSC_0017

Mark is over there.DSC_0016

or over at our place.DSC_0015

It got down to 53 degrees last night.  Just a little on the nippy side in the morning.

Retirement is being able to find the cool weather.