Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Day 24

Previously on Monday night in downtown old Las Vegas after the ZIP Line.1632

Go Eddy……….private thing….

Nope, ain’t gonna walk today.  Instead I got all the BBQ stuff out for an outside breakfast cooked by Chef Kraig.  It was good..

Here he is …DSC_0001 - CopyJust going thru stuff.DSC_0002DSC_0005

Carol is drying clothes on our ladder clothes line.DSC_0006 - CopyDSC_0007DSC_0010

I finished up going thru my GoPro.  I thought I brought everything.  I have no charges for my three batteries.  Not even a charger for my wrist controller.  Maybe I can at least charge the batteries using the GoPro itself and at least use it.  I think it takes about 2 hours for each charge.  Time will tell.

I got some binoculars 10X50 from Amazon and delivered to Kristy’s address.  Hey, their cheap and they work really good.DSC_0003 - Copy

I also ordered some bright LEDs for the camper.  We shall see.  I installed them and everyone likes them so far.

Yes, I’m bored and am catching up on old stuff.

I got to go thru these  “things” and see what’s on them if anything.  Plus, I got a small bag with 4 micro cards, GoPro?DSC_0004 - Copy

Plus I have a Drone with a camera that I haven’t even opened. 

Plus, I got a cam dash that  I’m stuck on the “how it works”  stage.  DSC_0008

And then just before we left tx I got a Rrand McNally 7 that is working just outstanding.  $200 bucks and will worth it so far.  Too bad it don’t come with the WiFi for gas prices along your route.DSC_0009 - Copy

Retirement is having the time….