Saturday, August 18, 2018

Day 13

It’s time to leave but first you gotta have a breakfast of course, we’re camping!  We all had a big breakfast and ate outside because we’re camping.  Plus the temps were just right in the AM.

I think Mark was watering the dirt but I’m not sure how.  Maybe he’s thinking how it happened.DSC_0003

Kraig backed the Jeep up on to the road so we could back the camper out of the site.DSC_0001

Here’s the dirt road as we left going out to get to the site we were in the other way.  Does that make sense?DSC_0004

Then about 30 miles later we’re at our new place which was about 20 miles south of Cortez, CO.DSC_0006DSC_0008

There’s the Jeep down there which means Carol is doing a small load of laundry.  Kraig is at the pool or the TV room and doing WiFi.DSC_0009

It’s a Passport America facility, 1 night only, FHU and about $20 bucks.  It was surprising quiet although we were next door to the Casino.  They’re parking lot was full.DSC_0010

Retirement is going along for the ride.