Thursday, September 11, 2014

Winnebago Hospital

Well, here we set in a hotel waiting for our “Baby” to get done at the Winnebago hospital.  We got to visit her yesterday.  They had finished installing front and rear gears, motors, etc on the large slide.  They replaced one tile and did a damn good job plus a few other little warranty things.  The new front end was on but not painted.  That will happen today (Thur) and set in the paint shop overnight.  Then they will install the plastic front wrap.  It then goes back to the repair shop for install of the lights.  They say about noon tomorrow (Fri) and I’m thinking more at the close of business.

We’ve been in a Super 8 Hotel just down the road from Winnebago.  Discounted to $60 a night.  The other hotel in town is $80.  After two nights (this morn) we had to move to a different room because our room was only available for two nights which we used up.

During all the moving around this week my Nikon D90 camera with the 18-200mm lens fell out of a carrying bag onto the cement.  Isn’t this called the two foot drop test.  Well the first test was at an Escapees W.A.R.E rally two years ago and it was a 4 foot test.  The lens got a little bent but still worked.  I got several estimates to repair back then and it was about $600.  I guess you are only permitted one test.  This current test the lens is now belly up and locked up.  The camera is fine.  Not worth repairing because now the new ones are down to about $600 new.  We still have the “Whale (500mm)” and Carol’s 55-300 lens.  Plus we have two other little lenses.  Oh well…that’s life.

We leave tomorrow and will meet Denny & Susie Orr Saturday just south of Chicago for a few nights.

It’s been boring around here at Forest City.  It does have that small town atmosphere.  One more day…

The temps yesterday around 4 PM yesterday was 52 degrees.  Today about the same and night temps will be in the 30’s?!  Time to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….

See ya…..