Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Trip Down Memory Lane

A cloudy day is a good day to wash a RV.  The sun isn’t out beating the water into the hot sidewalls of the RV and leaving water spots.  I started out just wanting to wash the bugs off the front.  No problem.  Then I looked on the roof .  It had condensation on it.  Good time to wash it since it had presoaked with the condensation so I washed it.  Well, if you do the roof you then have to do the sides and I did to include the wheels of course.  In other words…I washed the RV this morning.  As I was finishing up the clouds opened up to a fine mist to help me.  No sun all day which is good in this case.

This time last year we were already in Livingston, TX letting the tires cool down from running back and forth to Seffner, FL (Lazydays).  We were in the process of buying this rig.  Glad that is over.  Last time - - again.

We had cook outs and it seemed like Mark always got the best seat.DSC_0001 DSC_0003

DSC_0006 DSC_0010

In 2012 we were at the Newmar factory getting the 43’ repaired under warranty.  We ran down to Goshen and I got my favorite BLT.  It had about a lb of bacon on it.  I get one about once a year.  Someone said the place that served this doesn't anymore.  Can’t remember the name of the place….Oh well… it’s for the better.


In 2011 about this time we were at Nick’s rally.  There are two good looking guys.  We were discussing who should have the mike.  Nick won.DSC_0061

In 2010 we were at Livingston and Frank and his lovely bride were visiting us.DSC_0005

Of course I was always prepared to smoke some meat.DSC_0001

So…….see ya……..