Sunday, September 7, 2014

Manufacture Repair Facility’s Same Same

We are here….DSC_0056

Forest City, Iowa.  Tomorrow (Monday) we go in for service.  This manufacture repair facility campground is electric only and very tight parking but it’s free.  Customers are moaning and groaning about their Winnebago's and we jumped right in just like we did at all the other manufacture facilities. 

We have one major problem and that’s the large slide out.  We have less problems than most others.  I think that’s because we sat on the dealers lot before we left and had them do the obvious repairs.  We have 14 warranty problems, mostly minor, and the replacement of the front cap to do.  The last time I talked to Winnebago Service Dept they were sticking with the 3 days in and out AND I still don’t believe them.  GEICO approved the claim and gave us 10 days in a hotel at their cost.  Hmmmm….think we will wait until Winnebago says we can’t stay in it.  They said when it goes to paint we can’t stay in that night.

We met one couple that have been full timing 10 years and another 6 years. They were all surprised when we said we were going on 15 years.   A nice bunch of people.  It was interesting listening to these people talk about their RVing lifestyles.

Anyhow, that’s what happening with us right now.

See ya……………