Friday, September 19, 2014

Believe Or Not BUT Yes I Did!

First though, we got out of Winnebago Monday morning after they installed the last piece in the front end.  We arrived at Hobert, IN Elks.  They really aren’t set up for RV’s and we sat next to the rear of the building.  Denny & Susie came over and we went to a local eatery that had Gyros.  I haven’t had a Gyro in 30 years probably.  Damn it was good.

Tuesday we took the computer train to Chicago with Denny & Susie.  Susie was a great tour guide of downtown Chicago.  We saw so much that I can hardly remember anything.  Maybe old age.  We walked, and walked and walked and a little more.  We saw a lot.  I was eating Ibuprofen like it was candy.  The trip was worth it.

Wednesday we back to Chicago with Denny & Susie again but it was a window tour.  They drove us around the old steel mills then back to down town Chicago.  The history was really fascinating to include where Denny & Susie use to live in the suburbs of Chicago.  Guess where we ate at the end of the day.  Yepper, back to the Gyro place.  Got the same Gyro and it was even better.  These people know how to make Gyros.  You could see them cooking and cutting the meat.  It was great.

Believe it or not but yes I did.  What is it you might ask?  I bought a 1985 Harley Davidson Police Special motorcycle.  Yepper…. Carol’s brother Paul passed away a few weeks ago.  The bike was his and I wanted to keep it in the family.  So I bought it from his wife Cindy at fair market value.  She was glad that it will remain in the family.  His brothers, David & Steven, already have one of his earlier Harley’s and got it over 30 years ago.  This one will now stay in the family also.  It’s in Rusk, TX and we will pick it up on the way to Livingston, TX next month.  This picture is fuzzy but you can kinda get an idea what it looks like.  It’s had a few police things removed and replaced like the seats, saddlebags and front faring.  It needs some work but is running.  Oil leaks mainly.  Just like a Harley.100_3043

I haven’t road a motorcycle in probably over 30 years.  This will be interesting.   The last big trip I was on was with my brother in law David from Maryland to California and back.  I had a Harley and David was on Paul’s first Harley that David still has today.  We have some riding time on Harleys.  I’ve owned three and rebuilt my first one.  I’m no mechanic but they are pretty simple compared to these cars nowadays.

Today, Friday, we are headed for WVA to help Carol’s other brother Steven set up a few RV sites in 20 acres he just bought.  He will have several work crews working and I think I will be the cook mainly.  I bought a small Bradley smoker (new model) a couple of weeks ago so I can do some smoking.

So that be it for now.

See ya………….