Monday, September 29, 2014

Building A Campsite For Relatives

We left WV and the making of Carol’s brother’s (Steven) 7 space campground.  It was nothing but woods.  Here are some pictures.  DSC_0029 - CopyDSC_0032 - CopyDSC_0028 - Copy  DSC_0044 - Copy DSC_0049 - Copy DSC_0043 - Copy DSC_0053 - Copy  DSC_0056 - Copy DSC_0060 - Copy

near the final phase….here’s the drive up to the top looking downDSC_0002

The topDSC_0007

Sewer and electrical going in.DSC_0009

main electrical box.  We claimed the site in the distance…DSC_0016

Stone is coming for the drive around Steven will build a pavilion and large storage shed next year.DSC_0017

From a distance…the center will have a pavilion. DSC_0024

Nice large road to the top…stone is coming…DSC_0036 DSC_0041

Good thing Steven is a master electricianDSC_0052

Cleaning up……Two of Carol’s brothers..Steven and David.DSC_0054

We are now at Steven’s place near Baltimore (Columbia).  We will be here until Thursday morning and then head for Harryhogan Point VA for a couple of days.  Friends hide (?) in the weirdest places.   Go ahead and look up Harryhogan Point….

See ya…….