Friday, September 12, 2014

Manufactures..Same Ole, Same Ole

Just the facts, please.  Winnebago messed up on several fronts (pun intended) which were they promised delivery 4 different times (times/days) which all were wrong.  They brought the Baby around at close of business Friday.  The new front cap paint did not match and it was VERY obvious.  I asked WHY so many people didn’t see it.  I said we weren’t paying a dime until it was repainted right.  Winnebago threatened not to give us our “Baby” until paid for prior to repainting next week.  I went off into Disney land and walked out before I really did something stupid.  As it was, ALL of the people waiting in customer service, 40 or so, heard how Winnebago messed up the paint on our 2014 because I was talking in my Marine Corps voice.  I went and got Carol.  I knew she could keep me from really getting mad.  We went back in and asked to speak to upper management.  We were lead off to a little office in the corner.  I explained the situation to the gentleman in a very calm manner.    He made a phone call.  The Baby will get painted again Saturday at 7 AM.  Upon our full satisfaction we will leave the $8,500 check with the paint department rep because Winnebago itself will be closed.

Now when all this is going on I noticed they had damaged a chrome piece on the front also.  I got side tracked with the paint and that subject didn’t come up again but they were aware of it at the beginning.  Now we have to wait until Monday to hear when they will fix/replace it.  I expect pretty quick.

As far as the warranty items they did a fair to pretty good job overall.  The tile replacement was outstanding.  The slide is working so far…twice.

All of this screwed up our plans of seeing Denny & Susie this weekend and then going to the Shipsawana Flea Market then on to West Va to meet up with one of Carol’s Bro’s.  We are helping him as much as we can fix up his 20 acres for a few RV sites with full hook ups.  His money and our suggestions.  That’s nice.  Maybe do a little cooking for his crew that he will have there.  Anyhow, we will still meet up with Denny & Susie but later and scratch the flea market.  They’re more important….kinda….just kidding.  That will put us back on schedule.

Bottom Line…manufactures…same ole, same ole…get it out the door….oh you expect a good job….you have to tell us very loud, AGAIN and AGAIN and to our upper management.

See ya…………….