Thursday, January 6, 2011

What Is It?

Our new coach is a bank repro from a dealer in Washington, never titled, 5,600 miles, manufacturer still in business, has 2 stage Jacobs Brake, Hydro Hot, full tile floor, HWH jacks, 4 slide, 150 gal fuel tank, 115 gal fresh water tank, 75 gal grey & 45 black, three 1500 BTU AC/heat pumps, washer/dryer, etc. & paying for it forever with Enron financing.  That’s all folks until we sign the final final papers Friday.

I found this picture on Carol’s camera.  It’s Don & Sharon’s car but it just seems like something is out of place. Colors blend in well, kinda.SDC11189

Then on the way to Algondones, MX is this new casino.  It opened up last year and is doing a booming business.  We’ve been in it before.  We went in to have their $7 buffet but the line was too long.  I thought we were in a rest home at first.  Their were people shuffling around and using walkers and little carts.  I think some were slobbering on the machines. It really did look funny.  They all looked liked they were on a mission to get to the next machine on the next row but usually took 15 minutes. SDC11196

They got dry docking camping there and it’s pretty tight. SDC11194

Then we went on to Yuma to the dealer to “check” on a few things.  We really got into everything in the new coach.   The next  morning at 5AM Carol decided that she didn’t like the living room at all, got red in the face and wants it changed “NOW”.  Yes, I know that’s not Carol.  It kinda reminded me when she got stuck in the rapids kayaking in VA.  Everybody knew she was stuck.  Oh boy, did they.  Words I haven’t heard since being in the Marine Corps.  Well, there is no doubt I know the living room takes high priority like in before we leave next Friday the 14th.  Carol doesn’t want much often, so it will happen!

If you ever visit Yuma then you might want to check out the Yuma flea market.  It’s pretty big and has a lot of “stuff” in it.  They open Thursday thru Sunday. Carol found a couch so we will go back tomorrow and deal.  We got two other places we want to check out first.  The new couch has two couches and a dinette table.  She wants it all replaced.  A woman has spoken.SDC11198


Tomorrow starts at a solar place getting our old panels/controller removed at 8AM. Then to a place that will remove our U.S. Gear Unified tow brake off the coach. Then we play it by ear with what we have to do which includes taking the Datastorm off the old coach.  If there is no blog it’s because it’s down of course because the datastorm is collecting dust until reinstalled by Steve O.  I will try and find one of those hot WiFi hot spots and go from there.  I have to have internet because of the business (& blog).

Stay tuned…….the adventure just went up a couple notches.

See ya……………….

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