Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well, kinda.  We have a buyer for our coach.  As we all know there are steps in buying a rig.  The first step is finding what you want and getting that good deal. That person has found us.  Now they got to go to their bank and work that tentative deal. Then they have to get rid of their rig.  That’s a real big step.  A deal usually has some rough spots like getting rid of their rig but  can be worked thru if they really want ours and they do.  We will not commit to buying anything for ourselves unless they run until something they can’t overcome.  It’s a young full time couple and our coach would be a real sweet deal for them.

Then if everything is “OK” one option is for us to drive this coach to Livingston, Tx which we are willing to do.  We could move our “stuff” to the mobile and the barn. Then they could arrive and live in their new coach and we could go over things with them.  We’ve included just about everything in the deal like the Datastorm, the big solar system, Blue Ox True Center and so on. 

When we get to that point of being in TX we will have some leads on new(used) coaches for us.  Can you say Avis truck rental?  It will be an adventure for sure.  We will work it out when the time arrives.

Here in Congress, AZ it’s cold but the sun is out.  Now when the wind calms down ever so often the cold isn’t all that bad.  I don’t believe I just said that.  Cold is cold………….

Tomorrow (Monday) we head for Yuma (Pilot Knob).  We got 11 days paid on the books there so that’s one reason.  We were going to go Chapter 21 rally over in Parker but that we have cancelled.  With the weather being on the nippy side we said no to kayaking the Colorado River in Parker.  In Yuma we want to go look at a 2007 Dynasty.  Now we are temporary back to looking but not ready to commit to any deals other than selling our coach to this young couple which we have agreed to.

Pictures tomorrow.

See Ya………….

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