Saturday, January 8, 2011

Getting Cold Feet

I wonder if Getting Cold Feet is part of the buying process of a large item like a RV.  Isn’t buying one of these things suppose to be a joyous event?  We went to do the walk thru yesterday at 4 PM.  That’s a late time to start a walk thru.  Carol & I did a walk thru ourselves (no tech around) and found some major problems but repairable.  The walk thru never happened but we did a copy of our list to the dealer.  They just said OK they would work on it tomorrow (Sunday).  I will be there all day tomorrow like a mouse looking for cheese. This place has no RVIA tech here.  We have not or will not take possession until these major problems are repaired. If we could kinda borrow all of our paperwork in their folder from them I think we would be gone.  It’s starting to smell and I don’t like the odor.  AZ does does not have a cooling off period of any kind to my knowledge.

We did get to go over to the Foothill’s earlier to meet more of the gang over there.  Nobody was at Dick Reed’s place.SDC11208


Then we figured they were all at Jerry Ray’s place and they were.  The gals disappeared but here are part of the “Over the Hill Gang” I mean the “Rat Pack”  which are from left to right Jerry, Joe and Dick.  We sat around and talked the talk, etc.  They all had lobster and steak for this past New Year’s party and each year we get side tracked some where else.  Hopefully they can all come to our little get together in Quartzsite the end of the month.  I can get them some butt there !SDC11210

Tomorrow will tell…can you say grab the paperwork and run?

See Ya…………..

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