Monday, January 3, 2011

Congress to Yuma

We left after 9AM with all the good byes I mean See Ya.  RVers usually say See Ya and not good bye.  Why…because we will see them again somewhere.

A lot of less traveled roads for the next 200 miles or so.   Great!DSC_0007

We had to look out for Indians…DSC_0012

A lot of character or something..DSC_0015

These people are protecting their city.DSC_0027

Outstanding fuel mileage….DSC_0033

Yep, there’s Quartzsite!DSC_0041 DSC_0043

A favorite eatery of many.DSC_0045

No big tent yet…it will be in the distant.DSC_0046

More rocks………DSC_0051

more rocks……DSC_0057

more rocks I mean border patrolDSC_0058

They are ready to enforce those signs.DSC_0061

Now that’s a lot of cole slaw….DSC_0066

We arrived at Pilot Knob campground and settled in.  Then we went to see Garry (spelt correctly) our salesman.  We shot the bull for an hour or so talking about everything and anything. He understands we won’t be making any commitments with him yet with our rig being sold but not 100% sure or how yet.  He did suggest some options after the fact.

We decided to go to Applebee’s for dinner.  We ran into Dan & Jenny there and had dinner together.  It was a great time..

Then we went back to Pilot for a quiet night.

See Ya……….

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