Sunday, January 23, 2011

We Snacked On What At the Campfire!

So much to do before Carol leaves next week and so little time.

Today we went to the big RV Tent.  You know,  Quartzsite is back, at least the first and second days of the show.  The main road, route 95, was backed up to the long term area and it was hard to find a parking space.  Once inside the tent it was belly button to butt.  It was really crowded and there was no such thing as going and seeing everything quick.  Quartzsite is coming back for sure.  I took my camera but forgot to return my card back into it.  Damn it.  I guess we will have to go back to the tent again. I want to see the Aqua-Hot service guy.  Also want to see these people who are making shiny chrome wheels out of Canada.  I also want to arrange to get our energy management system reinstalled by Daryl Lawrence.  One of things it protects against is low voltage.  Been there done that.  I spoke to him briefly and he said this was the best his business has done in Quartzsite in 4-5 years.

Football – Pittsburgh and Green Bay.  Pittsburgh hands down – no competition unless Green Bay wakes up – hey, it’s the play offs.

Back at camp – we ended the night with another cozy campfire and somebody ballooned the Hick’s RV. They used balloons instead of toilet paper.  DSC_0159 DSC_0160  DSC_0168 DSC_0166 DSC_0171 DSC_0174  DSC_0177

We ended the night with coconut cream pie, chocolate pie and lemon pie.  Doesn't everybody end their night in the desert with this?  Pies, friends, camp fire stories, damn it was all good!DSC_0176

Just mellowing out………..before the campfire dwindles to ashes and memories are stored forever.DSC_0179

See Ya……..

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