Friday, January 7, 2011

Ready? - Life On Wheels Bunch – Naked!!!!

We had taken some “stuff” out of the Pharton and left it at our site for our overnight test in the new rig.  The park said it would be fine. We left the Little Green Man as guard just in case.SDC11207

Getting ready today meant getting up, driving 20 miles or so and being at a shop by 8AM.  We arrived about 5 minutes early to the Starlight Solar Systems in Yuma.  They removed our 4 solar panels and controller.  They mentioned that the wire that was ran with the panels was too light and should have been bigger.  They also mentioned that the controller was marginal at best.  I knew two of the panels shadowed each other when upright and the wire was two short on the other two to raise them. He asked if I had installed them.  I said no, Jim Palmer in FL did.  He didn’t know who he was. He’s supposed to be among the best.  Maybe that’s a past tense thing.  Anyway, a half hour past and they were done.  Rescheduled to come back Tuesday to reinstall.  Next to Southwest Driveline. 

SDC11200 These people our real experts when it comes to tow vehicle hook ups I feel.  We’ve dealt with them for a few years off & on and have had nothing but outstanding service.  They removed the U.S. Gear Unified Towing device in the coach.  I set up an appointment to come back Tuesday for a reinstall.  Two RV shops Tuesday - that will be interesting.

Now it’s Carol time so we went to Cracker Barrel for a late breakfast.  Next stop was the RV dealer to see when today our coach would be ready for us to move in.  We arrived and they were working on it.  The inside was cleaned.  I will call the worker Little Bubba because he reminds me of a Tiffin worker.  That is somebody that means well but knows very little about an RV but is willing to work on it.  Carol & I both explained the different systems in the coach while we were testing them.  Little Bubba can now spell “RV”.  I couldn’t test the Aqua Hot system due to my lack of knowledge.  Little Bubba had over filled it with anti freeze I know that by looking at it.  I’m pretty sure the house batters are shot to hell.  Little Bubba said he would put some new ones in.  I think I’m going to switch over to AGM.  Anybody want to buy 4 brand new  Lifeline 6V batteries?  Also, all of the Flexsteel furniture is for sale – cheap, real cheap.  One small dark brown leather couch, one cloth couch, both Flexsteel with the new tags on them and a quality free standing dinette. $500 bucks takes it all.  Also a new king size mattress still in the sealed plastic bag. It might be one of those fancy sleep number beds – cheap $100 bucks. The dealer said a master tech would be going over the RV  (not Bubba)tomorrow Saturday and hopefully have it done by 3-4 PM and would give us a call.  OK. 

Now we stopped at RV Decor.  We talked about redoing the living room/kitchen with what Carol wants.  He suppose to come to the new rig for measuring and more talking when we get it no matter what day it is.  He said it would take about 3 weeks.  We left. 

On the way back to Pilot Know we called Jerry Ray one of our long time instructors, friend and Senior Instructor.  What’s up?  He invited us to lunch at the Foothill’s Restaurant with “The Life On Wheels Gang” that had been visiting him.  Now you have to remember that we’ve been running around Yuma with me driving the RV and Carol driving the car every place we went.  Hey, I’m using the fuel that is going with the RV (trade in) and I just filled the sucker up. We turned around and went back to the foothill’s for lunch.SDC11206

Now we have Mac (the Fire Guy) and his wife, Joe & Vicki Kieva, Jerry & Arlyne which are all part of the Life On Wheels Gang.  I forgot to ask where Dick Reed was.  I thought he was in the neighborhood too.  I caught everyone in a serious mood which was waiting for the food of course.SDC11201 

Mac wanted to know why Joe’s was bigger…..SDC11204

We all fixed Obama's medical plan and talked about the RV depression and where we are all going next.  It was real nice…….

No one blocked us in at the restaurant and we departed for Pilot Knob and the Little Green Man.  Today was a smooth day especially how many times it had the opportunity to go bad.  I drove this RV naked – no not that kind.  I had no Pressure Pro tire monitor system, no CB, no tow brake controller, no Silverleaf/computer, no GPS, no navigator, not even some sunflower seeds.  I was naked!!!!!SDC11205

Later that day Carol called her Mom.  She was now suffering the side effects of three long days of Chemo.  It was a very bad day for her Mom and Carol. Carol will be going back to Maryland real soon of course to support her Mom.  Carol wants to wait just a little longer before heading out.  It’s hard not to react to one bad day – very hard.   Her brothers/friends are around her/nearby and are helping a lot in her early stage of treatment.

See Ya……….

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