Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What A Buy – Not!

We were on the road by 7 AM.  Yes, 7 AM.  Why? It just worked out that way.  We’re traveling from point A to point B with no wishes to stop other than to spend the night somewhere.  Since it’s summer and hot we have not much desire to spend the night boone docking somewhere. 

We went 410 miles today and it was all interstate.  Not too bad.  We got diesel at $2.09 and had to really looked around to get it at that price.  Most of the time it was $2.19 to $2.55 a gallon.

We arrived at the Escapees Park - Raccoon Valley in Heiskell, TN about 3 PM local.  The park is about 10-12 miles north of Knoxville  just off I-75.  We got a gravel pull thru, FHU, 50 Amp for $21.15.  Plus you could wash your rig with no charge.  Nobody would wash our rig though.  We saw a couple of friends and talked to them of course.  Talked to a guy who was going to sell his 2002 Harley Sportster for $1,800.  He was the original owner.  Damn, if this was happening in Livingston it would have been a done deal.  It wasn’t meant to happen for me evidently.

The sat TV dish took awhile to find the sat but did find it.  We had to reset the receiver and we lost our stored stuffed but oh well.

We got one more day of travel (475 mi) and then we will sit for about two weeks before heading to Vermont for the Escapade.

It got down to 59 degrees last night.  That was alright or should I say it was “cool.”

See ya….