Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Monday

Last day here in Livingston for awhile.  We went and saw my Mom.  We took her a few things to help her along.  She does remember she smoked and continues to do so (outside with a nurse).  Hey, I don’t say anything about her smoking anymore.  She enjoys it.  She appears to be taking each day as it comes.  Don’t we all.DSCN1218

Next was getting the mobile ready for our departure.  I basically turn off the water and set the thermostat (AC) to about 85 degrees to prevent mold.  Plus we leave two ceiling fans on low and unplug everything and turn off some circuit breakers. 

Next was the little camper.  It was already set up from when we left last time.  I did hook it up to shore power and put a fan on the inside.  Three roof vents are slightly open and it’s under the carport.DSCN1216                          DSCN1217

The barn……I locked that mess up.DSCN1214DSCN1215

The big RV I topped off the engine DEF and checked the water and oil.  I undid the sat TV cable (mess) and closed the awning (elect) along with a slap of the hand to help it close all the way. DSCN1212

Checked our mail.  We got the sat TV part I was hoping for.  I won’t be able to install it till later on ?  New on the left.DSCN1219

We went over Jon & Sue Glicks place to  say Good Bye.  We haven’t visited them in a long time.DSCN1221

See ya……