Sunday, June 26, 2016

Going On 17 Years Now

We’ve been back in Texas two weeks now.  Mom Hill is stable in her new home.  It’s Dogwood Trails Manor in Woodville, TX, a nursing home.  She don’t know how she got there or even where she lived before now.  She seems to be content with her surroundings as simple as they are.  This was the 6th time we’ve had to move her and the last.

It’s been pretty muggy here in Livingston that’s why we don’t usually come here during the summer.  We learned how to work around the humid times and even during it sometimes.  Bottom line – no thanks.  Not our cup of tea.

Besides getting Mom situated we’ve accomplished other things like me.  I’ve been getting my blood situated by mainly losing weight.  I got some shots to get but they will wait until our return in the fall.  Plus the doc said to lose another 10 pounds.  That would put me in the 180’s.  I haven’t been there for a few decades like three or four.  I will “Ensure” it’s done, maybe.

Earlier this month we celebrated RV full timing 16 years.  This year we forgot about our date of June 6th but remembered within a week or two.  We are now working on our 17th year.  Wow, it just don’t seem like it.  It’s been an adventure for sure.  Oh so many stories and fun for sure.

We are heading back North Tuesday.  Now Carol’s Mom is doing not to well at all so it will be a quick trip up to the Maryland area.  We have 1350 miles to go.  We will make it in 3 days of about 450 miles each day.  Coming down here it was 600 mile days.  Not really enjoying the drive as much as we could/should be doing but that’s the way it goes.  There will be other days for us to enjoy more for sure.

Carol is doing fine when she isn’t thinking of her Mom.  She’s doing a lot of line dancing between my Mom and me taking care of my medical BS.  She’s a real trooper.

We will be attending the Escapade up in Vermont the tail end of July.  From there we have no real plans what so ever.  Any ideas?  Come around September sometime we will probably end up in Livingston.  We will be getting the little camper ready for Alaska.  It will be our 6th trip driving.  What a friggin adventure every time.

We are still planning to head West for the New Year (where?) like we’ve been doing for the last 16 years.  I think it’s a routine.  Maybe we just enjoy the hell out of it.

A few things on the RV are trying to give us a hard time like the roof sat TV and the awning.  I will moan and groan about them or something, later on.  Since things are kinda returning back to normal (that’s a joke) this blog will become normal again too (it’s a joke too).

Sunday’s NASCAR was one good race and I don’t really care for concourse road races.  Go Tony Stewart.  I think he raced with his heart and got congratulations from just about all his fellow race teams.  That’s a bigee!!!!

See ya……..