Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mom Hill

Mom Hill has had some problems.  She has had several mini strokes and a serious infection which has resulted in a very accelerated dementia.  No meds to back track her condition and she is stable at this point.

We are in Livingston now and with her.  She recognizes us and asks how our babies are (Kraig & Kristy - adults).  She doesn’t know where we are from or our ages…. it’s a blank.  She can’t really talk or relate to where she’s at or things in general.  She watches TV with no sound and so forth.

Tuesday she was transferred to a nearby nursing home in Woodville (Dogwood Trails Manor).  After 3 weeks (rehab) they will determine her status but the outlook is not good at all to regain any more than she has now.  She will remain in the nursing home.

Thanks For Your All Support,

Dennis & Carol