Sunday, August 3, 2014

Alaska Day 70 Valdez

Oh it started raining about 3 AM and continued all day. Sometimes it rained hard but most of the time a light rain. It’s called normal here.

We slept in until after 8 AM.  Why not!  We got a call from Nancy & Steve O’Bosky that they were on their way here.  BUT they were limping in.  Two bolts had sheared off part of their suspension and they weren’t sure if they can make it.  We made a plan.  If they weren’t here by 1 PM we would go looking for them and figure it from there.  Come about 12:45 PM we were getting ready to leave and they pulled in still limping.  Not sure what they will do.

Here’s Steve trying to get sat TV..He lost…. DSC_0002

Seems like everybody is seeing bears today except us.  Butch/Kathy saw a bear feeding at the fish hatchery.  Ed/Sandy & Steve/Nancy saw one near there too.  It’s the right place right time I guess.  It reminds me of Hyder and seeing bears there, not many and not too often.

I think our Jeep grew two extra doors…DSC_0001

Butch & Kathy came over in the evening and we watched their videos of the bears.  That was cool.

A quiet day all in all.

See ya……