Tuesday, September 10, 2013

When To Polish/Wax A New Rig

I emailed Meguiares Wax Company yesterday and got a reply today.  My question was what polish/wax should I use on our new Mini Winni and when.  The response was very informative.  If your not into this kind of stuff you might as well stop reading…….

In part they wrote…”If it's white I would consider maybe polishing 8 months to a year down the road since it's so new. If it's a darker color you could polish now to potentially achieve more depth of shine and follow with a good wax. I do think that the Ultimate would be the way to go with both the polish (Ultimate Polish) and wax (Ultimate Liquid Wax). If it's a darker color apply the Ultimate Polish in small sections (nothing larger than a one square foot are), work it in and wipe it off before it dries working section by section. Follow with the Ultimate Liquid Wax. Apply very thin and evenly to sections (one to two square foot areas) and wipe off with the towel included. This combination will offer maximum shine and maximum protection. If your Winnebago is a light color like white you can do this two step (polish and wax), but I don't think it's necessary as you can only get but so much depth out of lighter colors. So, I would likely just apply the Ultimate Liquid Wax.”

Now the new Mini Winni will be a medium blue.  Think I will polish and wax it when we get back to the lot in November.  We should be picking it up in early October or so.  Then I will shine those polishable aluminum wheels.