Monday, September 30, 2013

Incumbents – Vote NO

I know, I know, you heard enough of this Congress BS.  Last time I voted I did not vote for any incumbents.  Change them all and we will we lose a few good ones – yes but only a few that’s for sure.

At least the military pay will now continue…duh.  It’s Congress friggin pay that should stop.  Nope, they voted years ago that their pay will not stop under conditions like this.  Congress really don’t need their pay like most people do because they are millionaires.  What’s wrong with that picture?  I say vote “Vote NO to incumbents.”  that’s a nice slogan.

Anyhow….my military retirement and my VA compensation check were deposited on 30 September.  I was concerned but could go a month maybe before we would have to start dancing around.  I don’t think I will get any checks come 30 October.  I’m sure the bill collectors will understand…yea right!

I sent an email to Winnebago over the weekend confirming our ship date of our new Journey 36M.  No reply Monday.  I sent an email to Lazydays asking for a delivery date.  No reply.  I will wait until late Wednesday then I will wake up some people.  Ship date was this coming Friday.  Oh no, a Friday rig.

I started another smoked pork.  I changed my cooking procedure.  I upped the temp to 230 degrees.  I don’t think it was cooking at that temp.  I  verified the cooking temp and it was 10 degrees off.  I also decreased the smoking time from 6 hours to 4 hours.  The reason for all this is that after cooking for 20 hours the internal temp of the pork was only 170 degrees.  That’s OK but not the best I feel.  180 degrees + is better because it equals a little less fat and remains tender and juicy.  I got up this morning and the internal temp of the pork was 170 and an hour later it was 179 degrees.  I will watch it and wait a little longer before I pull it out.  This pork we will take on the trip down to Florida.  We need to get that smoked pork smell in the new rig as soon as possible.

See ya……