Sunday, September 29, 2013

Duck Dynasty & Soooo Good!

Woke up to rain & overcast.  The rain lasted until about 2 PM or so and the overcast stayed all day.  The temps only got to 75 and the humidity stayed high.  So much for the weather report.DSC_0005-001

Then the ducks returned.  First time they sat on our railing.  I chased them off because there butts stayed on the deck side.  Then they flew to the RV roof.  I chased them off there.  Then they flew to the roof of the mobile.  I tried to get them off but lost the battle.  Oh well. DSC_0003-001 DSC_0010-001

Then it was time to make left overs from the left overs for dinner.


There is a bun under this pile. AND it was sooooo good.DSC_0002-002

See ya……