Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It’s Official

I decided that I needed one more water filter besides the permanent one that comes with the new RV.  The RV one will have my main expensive reusable filter.  Then an outside one will be my cheap sediment filter. 

O.K.  it’s official, I’m bored.  I washed and waxed my water hose.  That’s bad.  Cleaning a water line is maintenance but waxing it is insane.  I waxed the water canister too.  I’m not going to wax the beast anymore.  It had one earlier this year down in Yuma.  I will have to wash it soon because of the rain we had the other day.  Yes, I will shine the wheels one more time.  It’s in my blood.  The new rig will have polishable wheels.  They won’t have a plastic coating on them like most rigs have nowadays.  I can use harsh abrasives on them to make them shine and all that kinda of neat stuff.

We (Carol) are a little more active in putting our “stuff” back into the Beast.  Next week we will move back into our real mobile home, the 43’ Beast.

A butt friend of mine got a real good deal on some pork butt so I’m getting six.  I will smoke them all while here in Texas.  Two now, two around Exapees Boot Camp in November and two to travel with us out west.  We will have a 20 cu ft frig plus another freezer in the basement of our new mini winnie (36 ft).

I read a 2012 RV report on line about our new rig in Motohome Magazine.  It was really funny.  Winnebago must pay Motorhome Mag a lot.  It said it got 12.2 miles per galloon.  Sorry, no 36’ diesel motorhome weighing 28, 000 lbs is gonna get 12.2 MPG.  I wonder if people really believe that.  It’s a dream for sure.  I estimate it will get about 8.5.  Anything above that will be icing on the cake.  8.5 MPG is 30% better than the Beast’s 6.4 average.  That’s a lot at $4 bucks a gallon.  Gas dropped down to $3.09 yesterday but diesel hasn’t moved from it’s $3.65 at all since gas has been going down the last few weeks.  What’s up with that?

Blogs – hey, a bunch of you all need to update your blogs.  I need something to read at 4-5 AM about being on the road at least until we return to the road. 

Larry, thanks for the Excel lesson and I will pass it on to Carol.  I got sleepy after the first line of instruction.  It’s like when I set in on one of the Geeks On Tour  They know I will nod off after about 10 minutes but I don’t snore!  I’ve done that to them several times.  It’s like water running smoothly down a stream when someone talks about something above my level.  It’s so soothing.  Some people get frustrated.  I get caught up on my sleep.

The passing of a little furry buddy, Emma  Sorry about that big guy…….

See ya……