Sunday, September 22, 2013


It’s cooled down quite a bit the last couple of days due to the very heavy rains here.  It was so heavy we thought about trading the RV in for a boat and float to Alaska next year – NOT!

It got into the sixties last night.  That hasn’t happen since we’ve been here.  The humidity has lowered too.  Fall has arrived. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa. Hopefully.

We went over to Jon & Sue Glick’s place last night for some Jambalaya.  Jerry & Shirley Bell joined us too.  The Jambalaya was really good.  I added a little Tabasco Sweet/Sour and some Tabasco Habanero  sauce to my liking.  We had a great time talking about places everyone has visited or lived.

Jon and Sue are going to Alaska 2014 as members of the Loosey Goosey Group.  They just got their Passport ID and it took less than two weeks.

If you plan to go to Alaska 2014 check this out at  It’s an outstanding deal but order in late 2013 or early 2014.


See ya………