Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another One

We invited Mark & his sister Gail over for a cook out.DSC_0001    We broke some more of the porterhouse steaks and cooked them on the grill.  They too said the steaks were really good.  H.E.B. grocery store really came thru with these steaks especially at $4.17 lb.  We sat around with bellies full and jabbered about this and that.  Then it was ice cream time and Carol’s pineapple cake.  Need I say more.  We couldn’t move for about a half hour.

Later that evening after they had left we had a little visitor.  We thought we had raccoons.  Nope.  One little possum.  It was up on my barbie and table looking for food I guess.  We thought they were vegetarians.  I tried taking a picture but he was in a hurry to go somewhere else.  I just missed him. DSC_0002 

See ya……………….