Monday, September 23, 2013

Duck Dynasty Heating Up

Hey, if you can’t eat them, join them.  These guys ("?) have adopted the Escapee’s Park here.  DSC_0007  They roam around and will come up to who ever feeds them. DSC_0008 We gave them some crackers and water to drink.  They liked both especially the water.  Maybe it was the crackers that made them appreciate the water.DSC_0009    They’ve been around for about two weeks or so.  I would if they will be around Thanksgiving.  They will probably duck out before then……DSC_0012

Yes, I have a start of a beard.  Probably cut it off soon.

Time to look at our heaters from the past present and for the future (Alaska).DSC_0002

The LP heater on the left is new and was purchased at Amazon back in February this year.  I think it really fits our bill and will be great when boone docking.  Ed Kruty installed it in the Beast while I supervised.  Now I had to remove it for the next RV.  Calling Ed again…? The next one is a Quartz heater that we bought at the Escapade a couple of years ago.  It’s electric, quiet and puts out the heat but no fan.  It’s great!  It has a tip over OFF switch.  It will go with us. The next one is a Walmart special and it’s OK . No tip over switch and it will be left behind.  The last one on the right is a real worker.  It will go with us too.  I think I’ve seen it at camping world.  For an electric heater it works great and the best electric heater with a fan we’ve had.  The fan has three settings and the heat two settings and can be loud and it has a turn over OFF switch.  With a pet that’s VERY important.  We VERY seldom run any heat in the winter when we are asleep.  I just don’t trust any of them that much to include the RV heating systems.  I just don’t trust them.  Now I will leave the AC on at night during the summer but not the heat in cold weather.  Since I’m the one who gets up first and turns everything on in cold weather, Carol doesn’t care.

See ya……..