Wednesday, September 11, 2013

RV Doc Says OK

The Beast got a clean bill of health from the RV hospital (repair shop) and our home is back home.  RV Repair shop charged me two hours of labor for adjusting/lining the front big slide out and adjusting the automatic locking sensor.  I know they spent more time but they realized they should only charge for work that should be completed in the allotted time.  A customer shouldn’t have to pay for their lack of knowledge/experience thus taking more time.  Oh, that’s West RV Repair here in Livingstone.  They do just about everything except paint.

Again, the Beast is ours until we hand over the keys.  I don’t think I will polish/wax it though.  A wash job and shine those wheels will happen one last time.

I parked the Beast kinda behind the mobile.DSC_0001  DSC_0005

It gets less sun here and it’s away from the friggin trees.   Since we have two 50 AMP FHU why not park it in a temporary better spot? The leaves are just starting to drop and the the gumballs will follow.  Those little round things.  DSC_0002 DSC_0003 

I hate both.  Pretty to see the leaves turn colors but that’s about it.  They are trouble for RV roofs.  The gumballs hitting the roof from a 50 foot fall are a little bothersome especially during the night.  Normally I would park to the right under those trees.DSC_0004

Our plans are to start moving our main “stuff” back into the Beast slowly trying not to forget anything important of course.  We will probably move back into our home the Beast in about two weeks or so.  The end of the third week we should be pretty close to pulling out and heading for Florida to pick up our new home, what I call the Mini Wini.

When we return in about a month we will add what we forgot or can’t live without.  Stay another month in Livingston and then head West.

The new Mini Winni is projected to be shipped 3 weeks from today.

See ya…