Friday, September 27, 2013

Can U Hear Me Now!

Going thru old stuff in the barn I found my Wilson cell phone extender set up.  I haven’t used it in over 4 years.  This use to be and still is a way to get better cell phone reception while setting on the edge of service.  I got a pole somewhere that I would put the trucker antennae on then run it about 5 feet above the RV roof.  Then run the cable down thru a window.  At this point you have several choices.  One is to hook it up right to a cell phone.  Another is to use a signal extender and you can use your phone without being actually wired to your phone.  Then there’s a device that actually increases the signal strength enven more.  That’s the blue device in the middle.  It’s all Wilson equipment.  When we had the RV Driving School we needed it all and used it.  Cell service has gotten a lot better and so we haven’t used it.  Now I’m thinking about taking it with us to Alaska.  I might get a flag pole for the ladder and then run it up that way when we stop of course.DSC_0004

See ya….