Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ahhh Smiles & Memories

Carol’s back.  There goes my Man Cave….DSC_0007

Here we are down in Cajun country in the past.DSC_0022

They wear weird clothes down thereDSC_0049

The famous “Betty”DSC_0088 

Tiffin owners know this place. Hi Gary, Mary, Larry & Marilynn, Tiffin owners at the factory right now of course.SDC10137

and this place in downtown Red Bay.DSC_0080  


And a few get to know this place.  Rattlesnake saloon or something.DSC_0010_wsb_521

Tiffin owners get bored enough they go visit this.  Yepper they had one of theseDSC_0001

You can see it excited our cat.  Patches is in kitty heaven now playing around and catching her mices..DSC_0008


Whoa, what do we have here….orange!DSC_0065

The name fits…DSC_0028

this is funny….look at the look!  Denny looks like a little birdie about to be fed..DSC_0019

This is rare.  The Geeks not talking or smiling.  Did you catch the For Sale sign?DSC_0020


Down on the Eastern Shore…….SDC10283

Which means…Maryland Blue Crab…..oh yea….DSC_0025

Sure why not…DSC_0070

Red neck country camping in style.DSC_0001

Hope these brought you  some smiles & memories..

See ya….