Saturday, September 28, 2013

Butt Day

I was up at 1 AM and checked the temps up the butt.  Then again at 5 AM.  Everything is looking good.  When ever I open the door of the smoker I spray the butt with apple juice.   So, remember every time you look at a butt you should spray it……….smile……

My beard was starting to fill in pretty good.  I shaved it off.  My hair was long.  It’s all gone but 1 inch of it.

Monday I will check and see if the Winnie’s ship date has changed.  It is Wednesday, 2 October the last I was told.  It should then arrive next Friday or Saturday.  We will leave here that Saturday and arrive in Florida on Tuesday.  We will spend an extra night at the Escapees park Plantation while en route.  It’s about 50 miles west of Pensacola near Summerdale. The delivery process  this time should only take 3 days/2 nights max at Lazydays.  Key world is should.  We will then go over to TTN Orlando for at least a week for the shake down.  Then back to Lazdays to stay free and or get some bugs out of the Winnie. 

Oh, I talked to Steve O’Bosky about what to do with the solar system I have and the one on the Winnie.  I need to decide how to run them together.  Steve suggested not to run them together.  Since I have a complete system just install it as such.  Have two systems.  I like that idea.  I wouldn't have to run heavier wire, wouldn’t have to buy a bigger solar controller.  I will install the solar panels in November on the Winnie before we leave for AZ.  I might have Starlight Solar in Yuma do the actual electrical hook up.  They’ve done work for me before and I was very pleased with their workmanship and knowledge.  I’m very shy doing electrical stuff.  Drilling holes in a new roof I have done and OK with that, just not the electrical side of it.  I just don’t understand it when it comes to electrical and get very nervous.  I’m like a Michael J. Fox around electrical stuff. 

The ducks are backDSC_0006  DSC_0008

The lovebugs have been around a month.  There those black spots on the glass. DSC_0004

Last night we had 14 guests to try my Maple smoked pulled pork.  I was told it was very good.  Nice flavor and melted in your mouth just about, very tender.  I would like to mention our special guests Shirley and Neil.  They just started full timing and will be attending Boot Camp here in Livingston in November.  They are on the left side.  DSC_0017

    DSC_0012DSC_0017Yes we had a full house. DSC_0014 DSC_0015


The butt came out of the smoker after a total of 22 hours of slow cooking which 6 hours were in heavy maple smoke.  Then 4 hours wrapped and put in an air tight box to smother in it’s own juicesDSC_0011


I wasn’t quick enough to get a picture before it was ready to serve.  Pictured is towards the bottom of the butt & what was left.DSC_0020