Monday, September 16, 2013

Picnic Time

It’s not pork butt, it’s pork picnic.  It’s a higher cut of the shoulder.  It has a different taste and texture.  I’ve seasoned this just like I would a pork butt.DSC_0001


It goes in the smoker for 20 hours of which 6 hours was with Maple smoke.DSC_0002


Then it comes out, wrapped in foil then a blanket and DSC_0005

into a container like this ice chest for about another 5 hours.DSC_0003

When it comes out it looks like this and smells great.DSC_0006


It pulls apart with very little fat and a good bark.  Bark is the black crust that true pork lovers kill for.DSC_0008


That evening we had invited new friends Frank & ET.  We talked for hours and tempted them to stay longer at Rainbows End RV Park with a few bites of the pork.DSC_0010


They left with a bottle of booze that we don’t drink and some pork.   They left happy for sure.  They will be part of the Loosey Goosey Group going to Alaska next year. DSC_0011

Nice having you all over…thanks for the fun….

See ya…