Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Water And Not A Drop To Drink & Plans

A few years ago I was experimenting with water hook ups.  

Ain’t this cute……..it worked!DSC_0027

I still have the threesome filters but usually just set them on the ground outside the RV. The adjustable water pressure gauge will only last two years max and that’s the expensive one that is even oil filled gauge even. I’ve taken them apart to clean but they just don’t last. I stopped buying them. I now use the brass regulator (not adjustable & no gauge)and hook it up at the water source. I have an inline pressure gauge that I check to make sure my water regulator isn’t clogged. I only check if I notice the inside water pressure is low. It’s always been the park’s water pressure and not the brass regulator.  When in Quartzsite this January I will get the $70 filter cartridge.  It’s filters a lot of bad stuff and is washable.  That’s a bigee.  I won’t carry all these other filters just the permanent one with the high dollar filter.  Well, maybe one more to act as the sediment filter.

Quick connects…..no to plastic, no to Walmarts metal ones, Ace hardware is OK.  I had them all.  They just don’t last.  I bought two for connection lines in my water bay and that’s it.  One for fresh water in and one for the black water rinse.  Again I got them in Quartzsite and they were expensive and they work in cold or hot weather and have no rubber parts to wear out or metal that will rust.  Some special material like a real hard black plastic.  Next time around I will get the names of the filter and these quick connects. 

I will get into the electrical stuff on down the road.  Very Important!

Fuel prices, what’s going on?  Gas has dropped about 30 cents in the past several weeks but diesel hasn’t moved at all around here.  I’ve never seen that before.  Did you know that diesel doesn’t go thru the refining process that gas does thus is cheaper to make.  I guess it’s the taxes that jacks up the price higher than gas.

We are working on our schedule for next April time frame.  This will be the time we starting heading North To Alaska.  One problem.  We would like to be in two different places at the same time while en route.  We are leaving from Arizona near Phoenix.  One would be the west coast to visit relatives/friends and Carol’s line dancing rallies AND help out with Escapees LODI WARE Rally. The other would be in Moab helping out with the Escapees Outdoor HOP Adventure. That will be 4X4 wheeling.  It will boil down to what the costs involved will be.  Since we didn’t go to work for Amazon and make a million dollars we have to look at the costs.  We can’t afford to pay to work anymore and that’s not negotiable anymore.  We’ve paid our dues many times over.  We will make a decision in Quartzsite (Jan) when we know more and the dust settles.  We have a plan A, B & C.

It seems like we always have plans and they always change.  Sometimes they change in a heart beast due to things out of our control.   Example would be at the this past Escapade in Gillette.  We were helping prep for the Escapade and then it happened.  We had to leave due to Carol’s Mom.  By the way, Carol just returned from visiting her again and it appears this time something has clicked (meds) and she’s doing a lot better.  It was very serious not to long ago.  Before the Escapade (July) we had plans for the rest of the year.  It changed in a heart beat and none of the plans were kept.  Plus, in the middle of all these changes we bought a new rig.  At least we tried and we are still trying.  This time next month we are planning to be in it and traveling around.  There’s that word again - PLAN.  That’s why a lot of RVers say their plans are in Jello.  It’s just so hard to make definite plans that’s why we make them knowing they will probably change, no bigeee, get use to it.  That’s the lifestyle! Love it……

See ya…