Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wow, People Are Really Reading This Thing

I am surprised, humble and very honored that so many people read about our (mis)adventures.  I did hear people asking for more wedding pictures. I have to conserve because they haven’t been “fixed” yet nor gone to print.  Yes, my use of the Queen’s English is less than she warrants.  My fingers don’t type what I think.  Sometimes it’s on purpose but most of the time not.  So grin and bare it.  I do the blog between 2-5 AM and Carol does not proof it at those hours.  I just don’t understand her lack of enthusiasm at those hours.

Bank America (ATM Dept) just called and wanted to thank me for using their ATMs.  They said they can now pay back the money they borrowed from Uncle Sam for all the fees they charged me!

Today was go and get the tow brake system finished installing on the RV/car.  We showed up at the repair shop here in Yuma (Southwest Driveline) at 8 o’clock sharp, nice and ready.  One minor detail – it wasn’t for today, it‘s for tomorrow.  Well, better a day early that a day late in this RV World of repairs for sure.

Next is finding someone to wash the RV. We haven’t been in a park that allows washing of RVs since leaving Livingston in early January.  It’s dirty.  Some parks will let you wash your RV for $5 but none of the ones we have been in recently.  In California they wanted $100 for a mobile wash.  No way!  Here in Yuma it runs about $35 – $50.  So, we will go into Yuma with the rig since we will be there anyhow and go to the closed down Kmart.  We will get it washed for $35 by appointment.  Also, a dog peed on one of my wheels.  I really hate that a lot.  I wonder if I can wire my wheels with 12 volts.  Then it would be worth it to watch.  I would even set food next to all the wheels.

Carol got her line dancing fix here at the park today. I think that’s her in the red.DSC_0034

We found this place out in the desert.  They were closed for the day.  DSC_0043

Tomorrow – what does The Center Of The Earth, General Patton and Jackass Mail have in common?  Brakes – do they or don’t they work.  Are the wheels shiny again.  Less talk and more pictures….

See Ya….

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