Monday, February 15, 2010

Wii Physical Fitness Game?

Today we got our Wal-Mart fix here at Yuma’s newest.  It’s big and it’s busy mainly due to all of the snowbirds for sure.

I finally synchronized the Wii balance board to the control module.  What ever that means.  Now Carol can do a physical fitness routine using it.  Of course I tried it first. That’s me in the middle with the midddle.DSC_0031

The technology sure has advanced since Atari! This game (?) is it all.  You put in your birth and height and it weighs you and then insults you by telling you how old you are physically.  Mine was OK. It said I was 59 and Carol was 70.  Then it has games that you have to move to play like riding a bike in a pretend world.  It’s pretty cool.  It’s at my max for user friendly.

I need to know how many people actually read this blog to see if I should keep it going.  It does take time.  If you do read this send me a short email message to even it’s a couple days later.  If there are enough followers then I will continue.

See Ya     ?????

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