Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Planes, Relatives, & Video Games

Our Lorenz Clan got held up in Salt Lake City.  Their flight to Baltimore from there was cancelled due to the expected snow storm.  Now the five of them are really hung out to dry. That storm is not expected to be over for a couple of days.

We drove all over around here trying to find the Wii game.  It is sold out.  We went on line and looked at Wal-Mart, Sam’s, Best Buy and a couple of others – sold out.  Looked at the stores in Yuma – sold out.  It’s like Christmas and looking for a Cabbage Patch Doll.

We have people here in the park arguing about how we are parked.  We pulled straight in a site vice back in.  We later heard these two guys getting very loud behind our rig.  They were in a heated battle about the way we parked.  After they finished one guy knocked on our door.  He said we couldn’t park this way.  I thanked him for letting me know but he continued on and on.  I then asked him to leave my sight and I had to say it several times. He was getting on my nerves repeating himself. They have no rules about parking head first into a sight.  The park is less than half full and I am next to a dead site (no elect).  So, what’s the problem?.. We came back from our adventure of looking for a Wii and had a very informal note on our door.  It said that the Fire Marshall said I couldn’t park nose in.  Management/rangers haven’t said a thing to me. Then this other guy came over and said don’t worry about it and we had a long conversation about different things.  If management asks me to move with a positive attitude – no problem. Hey, if they have an attitude then I will move when it is safe.  No rain, no alcohol, no meds, no rain, daylight only, etc. Attitude is the name of the game in just about everything we do as we all have learned with age. So simple for some and so complicated for others.

We are catching up with work and even got a honey do done.

See Ya………………………..

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