Sunday, February 28, 2010

NASCAR, Hockey & Move More Day

NASCAR & Hockey in the same day.  It was my kind of day. We also moved “stuff” from Mom’s trailer to the Mobile getting it ready for sale.  We have someone that is interested in the Honda Element.  I will talk to the lawyer today and hopefully get his blessing.  I don’t see why not.  The Element has been a good little car for us. Never in the repair shop.  Maybe that’s from always using Mobil One synthetic oil.

I got on a ladder and cleaned above the RV windshield and the windshield itself.  I try to avoid getting on ladders.  I get so involved in getting every little bug off that I have a tendency to forget that I’m on a ladder and lean a lot. Yes, that tendency makes for another tendency of falling off them which I do.  I haven’t broke anything but I usually hurt for weeks.  Duhhhh. But I got a clean coach in the front now. I figured get the bugs off today because tomorrow (Monday) it’s suppose to rain real good. Tuesday I plan to wash the coach and leave Wednesday.  It’s barely going to hit 50 degrees tomorrow. Not a good temperature to be on a ladder that’s why I did it today while it was in the 60s.  I might even machine buff the wheels to make them shiny of course. As some of you might know I like shiny wheels. The wheels on this coach are not stock.  I got them after we bought the coach which is a story in itself. Anyhow these wheels are custom show wheels made by Accue Ride and given to me by them.  Another long story. They must be polished ever so often.  None of that plastic covering that hides the real beauty.  Have you ever seen that big truck with real shiny wheels.  That’s me.

When you full time you get these little habits like  real neat storage bins, or your tires are real black, or your coach is always shinning or wheels. Women are the same way. A  lot of the guys have little habits like this. Remember – it’s your home whether it’s just for the summer or full time.  When we travel during the summer I am out every night cleaning the bugs off the front.  Oh, love bugs, wow, is that ever a gooey mess. You will know if you ever run into them. Gooey, Gooey.

Anyhow, enough verbiage…

See Ya…………….

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