Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Patton, Center Of The World, & Jackass Mail

We can see the city of Felicity thru our window.  It’s not as much fun as watching a newbie unhooking their sewer though.DSC_0032


You ask what is Felicity.  You will have to find out yourself at  Facts - Self proclaimed Center of the World by the Mayor of Felicity based on a children’s book.  Population is zero. Has a Post Office – I think. The mail use to come thru in the 1800’s on Jackasses thus Jackass mail.  Today we call it spam.  It has a stairway from the Eiffel tower – who cares.  Isn’t that where we get French fries from. It has a pyramid made of Granite – OK just keep it off the roads.  It’s the only city in the U.S. named after a Chinese woman – interesting.DSC_0033


And they have a church on a hill with a lot of steps.  Most people need to make a prayer to walk up them.DSC_0042


Well, California made a sign.  I guess that makes it official.  Isn’t California broke from doing these kinds of things?DSC_0039


Nearby is a monument – nothing else – just a monument.  Patton used just about every part of the Arizona desert to train in.  Somebody wants to mark the desert with them.  But they don’t want you to drive a car on the desert.  I guess it’s alright if you are in a tank.DSC_0041 


California tax dollars at work keeping you informed.

We got the rig washed, got the tow brake reinstalled,  filled up with fuel ($2.57) and it’s 3PM. 

It’s very late at night and we are at GPS Lat 31.5053N and Long 106.1204W.  It will be very interesting to those people that look it up – “I guarantee it” as Cal Worthington the famous southern Californian car salesman says.  Can you say what the hell?

See Ya…….

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