Saturday, February 13, 2010

Camp Fire Talk & Last Supper

From what we have seen so far in 2010 we think the RV world is returning but not as fast pace as it was. From 2002-2006 it took off like a friggin rocket.  It' continues to be a buyers market thank goodness for those looking to buy.  There are no RV dealers on my good guy list but there is one that is pretty dog on close and that is DeMartini’s out of Grass Valley, CA.  I have an instructor, Frank Piccolo nearby who talks with them about doing lessons for their buyers, etc.  I’ve had several students who have bought new/used rigs from them and they are very happy with the service they are getting/got from them.  I have looked at their web site and I am afraid to go there in person.  We don’t need another RV unless it’s 2 feet longer and they got them.  Their prices appear to way down and they are advertising it. Their web site is . Check it out.

I might as well get another business in here and that is Lawrence RV Accessories.  He can be found at  He sells the voltage protection units.  We got one from him last year at the Escapade Rally in May.  It’s really great.  We know our AMP usage at all times.  It comes in handy with 30 AMP hook up.  We don’t blow the circuits as much now.  Plus it protects against other things such as power surges and more.  He will be at the Gypsy Journal Rally in March.  It’s going to be a blast. Here’s the Gypsy Journal Rally web  site for singing up

I might as well mention MCD Shades.  They were standard in our 08 Farton and we really like them.  We have been to the factory in Tx and met some nice folks. Web site is I think that is enough camp fire talk for now.

Dinner was outstanding.  It’s our first visit at The Butcher Shop Steak House.  It was pricey but oh so good. The chief must have had to beat on my steak for hours to get it so tender. This place knew how to make pilaf rice too.  Thanks to the “kids” for a nice last night in San Diego.

Tomorrow, Sunday, we head for Pilot Knob RV Park. It’s on the CA/AZ border near Yuma about 170 miles from here.   We have been to this park just about every year for the past 6-7 years.  This time we are going in under AOR membership and we will stay two weeks at $9 a day.

Hope I don’t miss too much of the Daytona 500.

See Ya……….

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