Saturday, February 20, 2010

Work & Play at Livingston

We got back to a broken water pipe.  As you can tell I don’t know what I am doing but I am working hard at it.  I repaired it twice so I really know how to fix broken pipes now. Yes Wayne that is your hack saw. I wish you were here to show me how it works.DSC_0028

Cold weather, rocks and cheap plastic mud flaps gives me something to do in the future – again.DSC_0029

We now have a fleet of vehicles.DSC_0030


The cat even has one.DSC_0044



We just got these canvas bags and there pretty cool.DSC_0041

I got this model to display them.  She’s too expensive. The tote bags can be used as a carrying bag or DSC_0040 


as a fanny pack… DSC_0042

They can be used for carrying stuff down the road too!DSC_0043


There’s always one or two that stand out in a crowd. DSC_0048


Pulled pork tomorrow……….oh so good….DSC_0051


NASCAR tomorrow too!

See Ya………………….

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