Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lawyers, Nursing Homes, Medicaid

Name three groups that want money that has been earned over a lifetime and they want it quick.

Yesterday was “spent” with a lawyer and  nursing home reps talking about Medicaid for Mom Hill.  Bottom line – We will lose what is equal to two years of my retirement. Hey, I needed to lose weight anyhow and peanut butter and jelly is good for you. Hope we can afford the bread to put it on.

We don’t need an ATM anymore, we need a friggin bank and that will be tomorrow.

We feel like we just left the used car sales lot down on the corner that just went into business again.

I should have gotten a picture of me backing into the lawyers office bent over. I think you got the picture now.

Hey, Everyday’s An Adventure

See Ya………………..

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