Friday, February 19, 2010

Mom Hill and relatives being themselves.

We went and saw Mom Hill in the hospital.  She’s doing fine and is expected to be back in CARE in a few days.  The Doc is  evaluating her meds and will make adjustments.  She might have a cracked rib – tests are being done.  She is pending shoulder surgery.  After the surgery she wants to go into a nursing home.  She is planning on selling her 29 foot 2009 trailer and her 05 Honda Element, our previous car, that is set up to be towed. .  Let me know if you are interested.

Joe and Kay were at the 4 o’clock social here at Rainbow’s End.  They looked real good and  were “performing” up to par.  They were really chirpy if there is anything like that.

In our travels we have found Stout’s Cider Mill to have the largest and best apple pies we have ever had. It’s in Wilcox, AZ.100_0824

In more of our travels with our relatives they have really shown the best side of themselves.   Hey, I was bored and found this picture in my hidden pictures.  He’s lucky I didn’t have my 500mm zoom lends.  Let me rephrase that – we are lucky I didn’t have my 500mm lens.

David drop-1

See Ya…?

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