Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting Cold – No, it’s friggin cold!

Whenever I say, “It’s cold” it’s followed by, “It’s time to leave!”  Well, “It’s cold and time to leave.”  Not only is it cold it snowed today.  That’s pretty rare here in Livingston, TX. They almost closed down the city for these flurries.  They should be glad they’re not up north where the real snow is.DSC_0004

The snow didn’t even lay but there where some huge snow flakes.  The biggest we have ever seen!  We had to wear football helmets to go outside. That’s right, we are in Texas!!!!DSC_0006-1

Sorry for the glare but this picture is historic. These two cats always fight over who goes in the hole.  Well, the snow had them baffled and they forgot who’s turn was it for being on top.  Don’t we all do that…smile.. DSC_0003-1

Here’s are cute little Honda.  ahhhhhhhh.DSC_0001-2

Mom Hill’s trailer setting over in CARE until we figure who’s on first base.DSC_0002-3

Last night it got below freezing and again tonight it’s suppose to again.  High around 50 degrees in the daytime.  Hey, this is not RV weather. Not even to drive thru much less to set it.  Our heat pump doesn’t work in this besides we only have one that works.  Another story later.  I don’t like turning on the LP heat because I don’t like heating the outside.  LP heat systems in RVs are for “camping” not RVing in. We got two electric heaters and they are hurting trying to keep it 60 degrees at night.  Poor little things.

Tomorrow we go see a lawyer about Mom Hill’s ass  ets and how to protect them.  Lawyers $#$%$&$*$.

Wii fitness game update – it looks real good setting there in the box. We know exactly where it’s at all times.

See Ya………………..

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