Monday, February 22, 2010

How Many Miles - Schedule


You can click on the map to make it bigger – I think!

People ask how do we plan the 20,000 miles we have been doing each year the last couple of years.  Well, Microsoft Streets & Trips works great for us.  We plot everything then we connect the dots by date.  We are very flexible (jello) and a few certain things are in wet concrete. Obligated events are wet concrete.  These are Escapades, Boot Camp, Pomona RV Show & Gypsy Journal and now the RVSEF Conference.  These events are neat in themselves.  We meet old/new friends and get to do seminars which I love to do. They are all unique and take on there own character.  If we don’t have fun at them – we won’t do them it’s that simple.  Then we plan other sights/things to do in between these events to include relatives/friends.  This is called full timing our style and there are many styles. We are already plotting 2011.  Just remember everything is in jello and can change overnight.  We are planning to leave next Saturday but this is very jello plans because of some Mom Hill unknowns.  This will make the drive back to Yuma comfortable and not like it was coming here.  We will be towing the Honda Element which is for sale back to Yuma.   It’s a 2005 with 40K+ and we have used only synthetic oil. It has a SMI tow brake system and a full front custom cover. Let me know if you know someone who might be interested.

Late news - Mom Hill goes to a Nursing Home tomorrow (Tuesday) as a 20 day patient and not as a resident as of yet.  Her wishes.

See Ya……………

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