Friday, February 26, 2010

Separate from?????

Each other – Carol & I.

I have to go to Yuma to do seminars at the Gypsy Journal Rally.  We have to get all of Mom’s documents collected for the lawyer (Medicaid).  Well, it looks like I go to Yuma and Carol will tidy up the documents and start unloading Mom’s trailer here in Livingston, TX.  It’s setting at the CARE facility and officially up for sale.  We ran around yesterday like a chicken with it’s head cut off.  I saw that once.  The bank, tax office all were very nice and cooperate.  The Nursing home administrative office revolted.  No cooperation what so ever.  Mother asked them for some simple documents and they refused.  We will give that problem to the lawyer.  It just don’t figure sometimes.  Oh well.

Carol will stay in the mobile home on the lot while I trot off to Yuma.  I will leave sometime next week to be there by Saturday/Sunday.  Not sure if I will take tow a car or not.  I got two to choose from – CRV or element. Denny Orr is running around out west without his honey too.  Maybe we can meet up out in the desert and hold hands – NOT!

I took our Direct TV receiver out of our RV bedroom and found an old LNB in the shed – presto - Carol has TV in the mobile so she’s very happy. No internet though.  Can’t figure a way to make that happen.  Oh well, she has her cell phone for those that want to call her..

Here’s a  web page if you want to know about everything and learn a little about unusual or different RV  stuff.

See Ya……………….

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