Monday, February 8, 2010

Do A Lot Accomplish A Little

What can I say……………………We had fun!!!!!!DSC_0298

The Lorenz clan were settled in their hotel.  Travelodge charged them $20 more than Orbitz reservation guaranteed.  Travelodge manager said too bad and had a real bad attitude.  I complained to Travelodge Hq and they said that all Travelodge hotels are independently owned and they couldn’t do anything other than make a note.  Bottom line – we loose.  If they would have not taken the rooms Orbitz would have charged us anyhow.  I know I could have refused to pay the charge, etc., etc.  I don’t think we will use Orbitz or Travelodge ever again.

Our little adventure with no place to stay in San Diego turned out pretty good.  We refer all of our San Diego driving school students to Circle RV Park (El Cajon area).  I called them and told them our story of needing a one night stay due to the weather back east and relatives staying longer.  No problem and they said no charge due to our referrals.  That’s the way business should work – helping each other.  When we checked in we were greeted by Greg who was from the park’s corporate headquarters here helping out.  Their a small chain of parks under Sunland ownership.  Greg asked if I minded going into a tight spot.  I said, “Nope, I will let the wife park it.”  He looked at me kinda funny and then said, “Oh yea The RV Driving School.” No problem, Carol parked it.  It was tight!

We tried to find the game WE II at two bases and they were sold out.  Then we went to the food store and stocked up a little.  Food is relatively cheap on base but like everything else you still can over pay.  Meat is usually a little cheaper on bases.

That night everybody went over to the Barnhill’s (daughter’s) new place on base for dinner, movies and video games.  A lot of laughter.  It was a long night for everybody.  The Lorenz Clan had to be at the car rental place at 4 AM and flight time was 6 AM.  Plus our daughter had to take  her brother there so he could return with them (Lorenz Clan) to Baltimore.  Baltimore is expecting another foot of snow starting a few hours before they land Tuesday.  Their adventure is not over yet.  Ours is coming to a slow end.  Tuesday we move to TTN Pio Pico until Sunday. Then we move on to the Yuma area.

See Ya…..

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