Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wagons, Wheels, Moving, & Food

You just might see anything going down the highways here in Texas.. Speed limit was 70 MPH and they were a little under that.DSC_0002-4


We are moving “stuff” out of Mom’s trailer.DSC_0015


A dog peed on my shiny wheel a few weeks ago.  I worked on it for over an hour. Damn, it left embedded stains.  I will try and get some stronger chemicals to get rid of it.  Dog on dog…I thought it was water & road dust after I unknowing drove with it.DSC_0017

Smoking country ribs on the grill.  It aroused the neighbors. They knew I was cooking again.DSC_0018 

I am getting ready to leave for Yuma in the RV so we are unpacking it.  Basically moving the “stuff” Carol wants here in Livingston while I’m gone.  Hey Denny, I got a case of beer. We can set out in the desert naked and drink with no complaints.  Well, maybe just drink with old dirty shorts, holy underwear, worn out shoes and torn stained shirts with no complaints…. smile

See Ya………….

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