Thursday, February 11, 2010

Julian, Vejas Casino, & Another Cat

Here’s our new site.  It’s better than the other one.  Carol has her new fat cat in her arms.DSC_0022

We drove up to Julian.  It’s a very small town.  It reminds us of the small towns up in Alaska.DSC_0001 DSC_0002

Carol likes coming to Julian because of this little cat store.  She walked out with a cat T-shirt and another cat.  It’s black & white and looks like he is wearing a tuxedo.  What can I say about Carol and her cats?DSC_0004

Mustang Sally’s second hand store.  I guess you can say the clothes have been rode like she was (in the song – in the song).DSC_0005

Someone with a little imagination turned this garage into store – well done.  The date is 1917.  I found a bottle of Garlic Tabasco.  This should be interesting.DSC_0010



Julian is know for it’s pies.  Mom’s is the oldest pie eatery in town.  It tastes like it too.  Two pieces of pie and two coffees was $12.  I have had better $1 pies in small cardboard boxes at the day old store.  If you want something to judge pies by, go to Wilcox, AZ to Stoudt’s Cider Mill.  Stoudt’s knows how to make apple pies that will make you slap yourself for not going there sooner.DSC_0009

Inside was nice.  They only make pies.  I say good.DSC_0008  

Nice scenery on the way back. DSC_0019

Veijas Casino.  They have RV Parking and you can stay overnight free which we have done in the past.  It’s all paved but not real level.  They also have outlet stores across the street.  It’s off exit 30 heading east and exit 36 going west off I-8 before San Diego.  Not a bad place at all.DSC_0021 

Here’s Carol with our new STUFFed cat.  Maybe we should stuff them all.  We visited someone that actually stuffed their cats.  It was different….DSC_0023

Our Lorenz clan was suppose to get back to Baltimore very late last night (Thursday).  They made the best of the lay over and took it as a mini vacation since they were suppose to be back Sunday past.

We got the Wii game up and running off our front TV.  We played an easy two hours of bowling and tennis.  It seems so real.  Carol got the Wii Fit Plus.  This will be interesting.

It’s predicted for nice weather here for at least a week..  Great, sure would like to shine those wheels..

See Ya………….

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