Wednesday, February 10, 2010

There Is A Sun & A Manager’s Attitude

We are still at TTN Pio Pico Park near San Diego until Sunday.  We are still parked nose in.  It rained yesterday and today.  I haven’t washed this coach since we left Texas January 7th.  We have been in temps below 20 degrees, snow, ice, rain storm, normal rain, dust and all within a month.  It’s called an RVing adventure.  I just can not see paying these guys $80-100 out here for a half ass job or anywhere for that matter.  All the parks we have been in don’t allow washing of RVs for various reasons.  We get to Yuma I am pretty sure we can get it washed for $50 and a pretty good one.  The wheels are just barely shinning.


Manager with an attitude.  I got a very loud knocking on my door.  When I opened the door the first thing I heard was that I was going to have to move the front the opposite way – back in.  Well I was then perturbed because this guy had an attitude and didn’t even say who he was or or his title.  He went on for a minute or so.  I argued.  I won the battle but lost the war. He didn’t even know what the rules are about parking at his park much less could provide me with a copy of them.  He got more pissed.  I then asked who he was and evidently I was suppose to know that by the shirt he was wearing.  It said Thousand Trails.  Well, I said I would park the way he wanted me to in 6 hours or less.  He was mad at something besides me and I stirred his pot a little more when he couldn’t take it out on me. We waited about 3 hours and moved to the other end of the park.  As a matter of fact, a lot better sight. I emailed Thousand Trails headquarters about this manager’s attitude.  Couple of hours later I got a call asking if I would set down with the District Manager this Saturday.  I said Oh Yea of course.

Carol has been wanting a Wii console and we haven’t been able to find one in San Diego.  Well, our daughter and her new husband found one and brought it to us.  They found it at Baby R Us.  Yes, Baby R Us.  I wonder why they are there!  It won’t plug into our TV or at least any jacks we can see.  We plugged it into the bedroom TV.  It’s great.  A little hard laying down and playing.

See Ya……………

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