Friday, May 1, 2015

What Would You Do If A RV?


What would you do if someone had you blocked in for over 20 minutes while off loading their car off a dolly?  Yes, there were two other places to do this work other than right in front of our RV.  Did they ask if it was OK to block us in?  No.  Did they later apologize for blocking us in?  No.  Would you block someone in that long with other places to unload?  Would you ask out of courtesy?  Would you mention something to them during or after or at all?

For you newbies it will happen.  I didn’t do anything but shake my head.  You can’t fix stupid.

Later this RV came in…the gray is a purple.  It’s an old Monaco with a nice looking paint job.  Carol said even orange would have looked better.DSC_0002

Oh, we are leaving tomorrow and heading South.  My foot is a lot of better.

See ya……….